Personal projects


A privacy-friendly, self-hosted alternative to Google Location History and Google Location Sharing.

Keep track of where you’ve been during the day. Can record and highlight activities in the timeline. And allows realtime location sharing with friends or to anonymous users with temporary links.

Backend made with Kotlin, Ktor and Postgres.
Frontend made with Vue and Typescript.
Android app made with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.

Experiments and other small projects

These are small utilities or experiments I made to play with new tech.

Don’t look too closely at the code, we all have to start somewhere ;)

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Home AssistantAutomations for Home Assistant written in PythonLinkPython
AquakoekWeb app for keeping track of eaten snacks at the officeLinkFirebase, Vue, Javascript, Bootstrap
Kitchen dashboardElectron app for a home automation dashboard in the kitchenLinkElectron, Vue, Typescript
IgnitionGo application to control a desktop via MQTT and wake on LANLinkGo
PiPrintREST API for thermal printersLinkKotlin
JellyfishAndroid app for modifying media volume based on GPS speedLinkAndroid (Kotlin)
SjtekControlHome automation system used during my time in a student houseLinkJava, Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift)
GitLabMore can be found on my very unorganised Gitlab accountLink